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Fulfilled my dream...
I spent two weeks hunting with Thwane Safaris and give them 5 Stars for everything.  The facilities are the best I’ve ever experienced in 3 safari’s to South Africa and Namibia.   As for the hunting, I fulfilled my dream of taking a SCI Gold Medal Cape Buffalo scoring 114″.  I must say that I was very much afraid of hunting a 2,000 lb. nasty tempered Daga Boy on foot and tossed and turned many nights before the actual hunt.  But my PH’s Marius and Rhuan were top notch.  Their knowledge of the animals and putting you in position for a shot were incredible.  Besides my Cape Buffalo, I took a zebra, an nyala, a blue wildebeest, a Limpopo reed buck, and a wart hog.  The trophy fees and daily rates are the best I’ve seen in 5 years of comparison shopping.   My next safari will be with Thwane Safaris and no one else.  I guarantee that a safari with Thwane Safaris will be a premier event in your life.
Ronald Ulman

From: Phoenix, Arizona

Contact:  6238791149